We have created this site to be a safe, healing space for people dealing with alienation within families.  We are focused on the alienation of grandparents, but anyone dealing with the trauma of alienation is welcome to join our community.

We are currently setting up a discussion board, where people can share and converse about their experiences and offer each other support and advice or just an ear to listen.  We hope this will be an area where people will feel free to talk openly, join anonymously if that is what is needed, and contribute in positive ways.

We are also seeking out experiential stories about alienation.  These stories can be personal stories, anonymously submitted or otherwise, again depending on the needs of each individual.

There is a wide range of emotions that can arise from experiencing alienation, so please be respectful while interacting with this website.  Sometimes we cannot completely understand the perspective of another person, but we can always respect their process and hopefully help the healing process through that respect.